TOP RATED SITES (Tested by Experts!)

Finding a fun, trustworthy online lottery site can be difficult with various scams sites out there that refuse payouts or don’t have the correct licensing to offer you lottery tickets. Not to worry, we have provided you with an updated list of the safest sites to play on that offer the biggest international jackpots and the best promotional deals…

The 5 Top Rated Lottery Sites at a Glance:

1. LottoChimp – Best for anyone who is looking to play single tickets, bundles and syndication (READ MORE).
2. SuperLottos – One of the most reliable and trustworthy lottery Syndication service providers that is PCI compliant & fully regulated (READ MORE).
3. World Lottos – Best for players who value loyalty programs above all else (READ MORE).
4. LottoSmile – Best for players who are looking for more-bang-for-your-buck Syndication and Top-up Bundles. (READ MORE). 
5. LottoLand – Best for players who are looking for a variety of products, features and great promotions (READ MORE). 

Group Play

Are you interested in maximizing your winning chances through group play? Group play, which is known as a lottery Syndicate, is when a group of players come together to purchase more lottery tickets at a shared cost.
Any winnings are divided into equal shares, and the amount each player receives depends on the number of shares they have purchased. You can purchase just one share to guarantee you get a percentage of any winnings or purchase more shares to get a bigger cut of any prize money won.
Syndicates vary in size from a syndicate of 20 shares up to a syndicate of 150 shares when you are part of an online Syndicate, you will be allocated a Syndicate manager who will manage the groups lottery tickets and wins. These winnings can be cashed out or used to purchase more Syndicate lines.
When you play the lottery on your own, you may only be able to afford a few lines. In a lottery Syndicate, you can be part of hundreds of lottery lines in one draw, which will drastically improve your chances of winning the lottery.

Top Rated Lottery Syndicates

The top-rated lottery Syndicates available online, are listed below:
2. LottoGo 

The Benefits of Joining a Lottery Syndicate

1. Increased chances of winning the lottery without spending more money
2. Having more lottery tickets increases the odds of winning the jackpot
3. The bigger the syndicate, the higher the chances of winning the jackpot
4. No permanent commitment required, you can join and leave syndicates as you please
5. Greater set of numbers in different combinations played across many lines –meaning a syndicate only needs to match a few numbers to win prizes