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SuperLottos Overview:

SuperLottos provides a premium syndication service for the biggest international lotteries, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, US Powerball and US Mega Millions. Their service gives you the opportunity to increase your chances of winning, by providing members 300 lottery lines a month at a shared cost and splitting any prizes won. Therefore, giving you more chances of hitting the jackpot at a significantly lower cost. Their website is super easy to navigate, and their subscription fee is seen as affordable, in comparison to other lotto sites.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can either signup online, by selecting the signup button on the top righthand corner of the screen.
The following information is required for signup:
1. Email address
2. Name
3. Surname
4. Mobile phone number
5. Preferred password
SuperLottos does not require a sign-up fee, creating your own account is free.
Alternatively, an agent can sign you up over the phone and provide you with additional information about what a lottery syndicate entails and how their service works. Leave your details below and an agent will call you back:

What Do They Offer?

SuperLottos offers syndicated lottery lines for the biggest international lotteries, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, US Powerball and US Mega Millions. Syndicates of 150 members will receive 300 lines per month. Their smaller syndicate option of 50 members will receive a 100 lines per month.

Are There Any Promotional Deals?

With your initial signup, you will receive 10 free lines to play. They also offer 100% winners guarantee, so if you do not win anything within your 3-month play period, you will be refunded. SuperLottos has an amazing loyalty program that gives players really great perks like entertainment subscriptions, tickets to big events and sporting apparel. Those perks should surely be reason enough to sign up to SuperLottos, wouldn’t you agree?

If I Win, What Are My Pay-Out Options?

Money is credited to your SuperLottos account which can then be cashed out to your bank account at your own convenience. They also do not charge any cash-out fee. If you were to hit the jackpot or win a large sum of money, they will contact you in order to make the appropriate arrangements for you to receive your prize. SuperLottos has a 87% winners rate which is means wins are always coming in.


Multiple international syndicates

Variety of payment methods

Winners guarantee

87% winners rate

Refund offered if you don’t win anything within a calendar month

Friendly, helpful & knowledgeable customer service staff

Perfect for inexperienced syndicate players

10 free lines welcome bonus

Great loyalty program

User-friendly website design

Allows for international signups

A good choice of international lotteries


Can cancel your subscription at any time


Only offer syndications

A great perk of signing up with SuperLottos is that you will be assigned a dedicated Syndicate manager, who will manage your lottery lines every week and update any winnings on your membership account after every draw. Making their service super convenient and stress free.


The website is perfect for anyone who is inexperienced with purchasing lottery syndicate tickets. It’s also great to see that they offer a full refund if you didn’t win anything within a calendar month, so that you’re not necessarily losing out and you can always opt out of the subscription whenever you like. Their customer service team is great to work with and are super helpful, which made our playing experience that much more delightful. Why look anywhere else to play, their support team is fantastic, and their loyalty program has the coolest perks.

67 thoughts on “SuperLottos

  1. MICHELLE says:

    I have tried possibly all measures to win the lottery, playing my favourite lucky numbers, mine and my family’s birthday dates, even looking at my horoscope for inspiration but I am running out of patience, ideas and numbers to play so when I heard about this service I was ready to jump in. They purchase my tickets for me every month and enter me into weekly draws automatically. I can view my lines and my winnings, on my online profile. Super convenient!

  2. Paula Mills says:

    I have been with this lottery brand for a couple of months now, super friendly staff and convenience is at the heart of their operation. Tickets are sent to me every month, and can view my tickets and track my winnings online on my profile. Would recommend to friends and family.
    Keep it up!

  3. Kris Beech says:

    Easy sign up and enjoyed the site and service so far. I have won few times on the syndication game play option here. Will continue to play and recommend.

  4. Nicolene James says:

    i used to wait in long lines at the local store just to purchase one line and i was not making any winnings now everything is done for me 🤑🤑🤑i am just waiting for my winnings fingers cross

  5. joash R says:

    i used to pay 20 pounds for 6 lines 👀now im getting 300 lines for 39 pounds no winning i get my money back so far so good thanks super lotto

  6. derek klim says:

    At first ii thought it was a scam that was going to rip me off i was scared thereafter when i joined super lotto it brought nothing but luck
    all i saw was more money and more money

  7. SHAUN JOSEPH says:

    The most easiest way to sign up…
    plus you get10 free syndicated lines to play with as a start up bonus..
    and they give a 100% winners GUARENTEE…

  8. Chelsea says:

    i have received a phone call from super lottos regarding an online survey i have entered a few weeks back just for entering the survey i have got myself 10 free lines as a bonus love the service

  9. HayleySmith says:

    Just joined today from entering a primark voucher and i got selected to get 10 lines syndicated of another 149 people like the idea of that as more chance of winning .Love it 😀⭐🌜⭐
    To be honest didnt think much about it untill a friend recommended it. I think it’s great! ⭐13p a line oh well something like that! thats pretty cheap to😀⭐🌜
    Looking forward to all my winnings😀
    Spoke to Megan Myers 😀She was great

  10. Saloshinee Gunpath says:

    Playing is so easy no more standing in long Queue and and purchasing or losing my tickets my tickets everything done online login anytime anyplace even on Holiday…….

  11. Tammy says:

    fantastic services…….to increase my chances of winning with 300 lines and also got a 95% discount
    saving me time and its a hassle free services , i dont have to go to the local agents to purcase my lines every things done online ……………keeping my fingers crossed

  12. AVRIL . G says:


  13. SHAUN says:

    This is the most exciting games to play and is so much easier to play ..
    everything is done for you , theres no need to go anywhere or do anything to play;]

  14. Loveshnee says:

    Best decision i ever made was signing up to Super Lottos .
    Now i finally can dream big…. super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE..

  15. nicole says:

    really a great sites to be on and wen it comes too get information about my memberships customer
    services was amazing . keep up the good work super lotto’s

  16. TerranceG says:

    Great platform for regular play without missing out on any draws. My Syndicate Manager ensures all lines and wins are updated on my membership account after every draw, Best of all is the 100% winners guarantee whereby if I do not win in a calendar month a will receive a refund at the end of my play period, all the more reason to have everything to play for and nothing to lose. Great job Super Lottos

  17. Tanya Moodley says:

    Was super easy to sign up! The debit order option is great, now i get entered every month without having to do a thing!
    Fingers crossed i win big soon $$

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