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Biggest Lottos Overview:

Biggest Lottos offers syndicate play for the four biggest international lotteries, these include EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, US Powerball and MegaMillions. EuroMillions is an outbound campaign and the additional lotteries can be found on the website. If you have never played in a syndicate before and looking for a place to start, Biggest Lottos is a perfect place to try it out. Their website is a vibrant green colour with pops of purple, this reminds us of our childhood memories, the type of memories of a particular singing and dancing dinosaur.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can find the sign up tab on the top right of the website, sign up details that are required are as follows:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Contact number

What Do They Offer?

Biggest Lottos outbound campaign offers 150 shares for the EuroMillions Lottery, which entitles you to approximately 75 lines per week and 300 lines per month. On the website you can enter lottery syndicates for EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, US Powerball and MegaMillions. 

Are There Any Promotional Deals?

With your initial direct debit signup, you will receive 10 free lines to play. 

If I Win, What Are My Pay-Out Options?

Money is credited to your Biggest Lottos account which can then be withdrawn at any time into your bank account at your own convenience.


Perfect for first time syndicate players

10 Free lines with initial direct debit sign up

Easy to navigate and use the website

Easy pay-outs


Can only play in a lottery syndicate



Perfect for the syndicate novice. Very simple and easy to use, basically manages itself so that you don’t have to, all you need to do is reap in the prize money.

26 thoughts on “Biggest Lottos

  1. Martine says:

    Thanks to my brother for recommending this site to me! I am hooked, it is so easy and has great deals on the syndication packages! I guess, you have to be in it to win it,hey! I am a big fan!

  2. Karen says:

    I love playing the EuroMillions lottery through the syndication service on here! I used to do it at work, where a few of my colleagues and I used to pool money together but we never won. Now I actually win! Everything is very transparent and it is super easy to read your tickets and winnings on your account profile. I find a lot of the other sites are very old looking or very confusing to understand. I really trust lottos and the fact that they automatically enter me into the draws and manage my winnings etc.. Fingers crossed the next time I post I am on my super yacht cruising around the med.

  3. Wayne R. says:

    Huge fan of this site and what they offer! They do it all – purchase and manage my lotto tickets for me every month and I can see these on my account profile. Everything is about convenience – get sent the tickets every month online and not have to go and buy yourself (and stand less of a chance to win!!) or try remember to even enter! I highly recommend Biggest, prices on syndication debits very reasonable – keep it up guys!

  4. Lois R says:

    Insane syndication deals! Great value for money on this lottery site and they back up with good promotions and bonuses which is always cool! Worth signing up and just watching money come in – hated trying to go and buy tickets for find people to join in with.

  5. Jazmine Martin says:

    This is probably the best thing I signed up to this year!! Debit order syndication is the way to go!! I always forgot to buy tickets and this has made me enter without even having to remember or think about it! Honestly, worth signing up now, like a early Christmas present ever time you in!!!

  6. John S. says:

    I highly recommend the syndications here! This is the BEST option and the promotion deals and bonuses on here are by far the best! They are GREAT value for money, makes playing so easy. I used to pool money together with work colleagues but it was always quite hard to collect all the money and became more tiring than anything.

  7. Shan Z says:

    Biggest Lottos is one of the most tech savvy lottery syndication services out there. Upon investigating their website, the lottery tickets are routinely sent to members every month which they can access and view on their account profile. They also have a fully automated win claiming system whereby members can claim pay-outs and never have to worry about a lost or expired ticket ever again.

  8. Samantha says:

    I like the idea of playing the EuroMillions lottery through a syndication service. I used to do it at work where a few of my colleagues and I all put money in and bought a couple of lottery tickets to increase our odds of winning the jackpot without spending more money. We unfortunate didn’t win otherwise I would be up in the Bahamas right now haha! There is a sense of ‘togetherness’ by entering the lottery as a group which I really enjoy. I am going to try out this syndication service and see how it goes but so far enjoy the concept behind it and they have been very transparent on how their service works. PLUS, I can stop irritating my colleagues to enter with me all the time as BIGGEST LOTTOS will enter me automatically.
    Fingers crossed the next time I post I am in the Bahamas.

  9. Preshni says:

    Biggest Lottos syndication service is not as daunting as it may sound, in fact it is probably the least daunting way to play the EuroMillions lottery. After getting a call from this company, I did lots of research about what they actually do and after chatting to a few people, this is my basic understanding… As you know, lotteries and winning the jackpot are based on ‘chance’ not skill. Therefore, you always need to make sure you are entered into the draw to be ‘in it to win it’, as you never know if that ticket you bought could be that 1 in a million ticket that WINS! It is a bloody hassle to remember to enter the draw weekly when you are busy fetching children, have job responsibilities, doing the washing and buying groceries etc. So, this is where a syndication service come in. They purchase lottery tickets on your behalf and pool your lottery ticket with other members in your allocated group, to give you a total of 300 EuroMillions lines per month, which increases your groups chances of winning the lottery. This is all automated to make sure you never miss a draw. It all seems very legit; I have asked their customer service to call me back and sign me up. I will let you know how it all goes but yeah this is a normal service and I am all about convenience at the moment.

  10. Tanya says:

    Pretty straight forward lottery syndication service.
    Called their customer service to get the run down of exactly what they do after I signed up and here is it .. they add you to a EuroMillions syndicate and purchase and manage your lottery tickets on your behalf every month, which can be seen on your account profile (so cool). Their service is basically about convenience as you get sent the tickets every month and don’t have to go to a store and this way you don’t have to remember to enter the lottery as you get entered automatically… I was a bit hesitant at first, but they have been nothing but transparent and helpful (big thumbs up to their customer service) I received my 10 free lines welcome gift yesterday for this Friday’s draw. So far, a good service and great idea to increase peoples chances of winning the lottery. I will keep you all in loop on my journey with them.

  11. Rose Miller says:

    The lottery is something I have always wanted to enter but been a tad cautious, but with things looking up with this pandemic and a job promotion last month. My luck is definitely turning around… so when I got a call from this company about offering me a service that will send me EuroMillions tickets monthly, 300 lines in fact, that I view on my online profile at any time.. it was a no brainer. They bill me monthly for the tickets which is no problem, as they cheaper than what I would pay if I went to the store and this way, I never miss a draw. I called their customer service earlier to find out how I view my winnings and they explained so nicely and patiently with me. (I am not the best with online stuff haha)
    But yeah overall good experience with them and excited to be on this journey.

  12. Stacey Striber says:

    I have always been a bit hesitant to enter the lottery but been feeling very lucky lately and what do I have to lose RIGHT? Got a call from a very friendly agent from this company a couple of days ago and she signed me up.. I got sent 10 free lines as a welcome gesture which was very cool as I never get anything for free haha.
    I look forward to this new journey with them.
    oh and I had a few questions on how it works and their customer service called me yesterday and explained, so friendly. BIG THUMBS up!

  13. Caroline Follet Smith says:

    Got a call at the beginning of the week, they were super informative about the lottery and it was very easy to sign up! I got my 10 free syndicated lines for this Friday’s draw which is amazing. I can’t wait for this journey ahead with them- convenience is what i need in my life right now!!

  14. Norine Smith says:

    Easy to sign up and great customer service support- they friendly and will help with any questions you have

  15. Shane Harris says:

    Still haven’t won yet but fingers are crossed every draw.
    Been playing for a month now, does anyone know get your refund back? GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

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