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The Lotter Overview:

The Lotter is one of the biggest and most respected lottery sites around. You can buy tickets to more than 50 international lotteries wherever you live and get paid with no commissions charged on your winnings. The Lotter does not run their own lottery, but rather purchases lottery tickets on your behalf. They have been established since 2002 and operate on the outskirts of London.

How Do I Sign Up?

When you are ready to play, you will first need to register an online account on  heir website.
You can find this on the top-right area of the page.
You will be asked for:

  • Your Email address
  • A password for the account,
  • The country you live in

An alternative is that you can use your Facebook login details to login into The Lotter.

What Do They Offer?

The Lotter offers a range of lotteries from around the world, bundles, syndications, systematic forms and subscriptions.

Are There Any Promotional Deals?

The Lotter offers a 30% discount off your first purchase.
The Lotter also has a VIP club which consist of different levels. The higher the level, the greater the promotional deals. 25 VIP Points are awarded when you sign up for a subscription. Subscribers also get every 10th ticket free, based on your VIP points earned and being part of the club means you will receive exclusive promotional deals.


VIP Points

















If I Win, What Are My Pay-Out Options?

The Lotter will always notify you, if you have made any winnings, no matter how big or small. Your winnings are loaded into your account, which can then be transferred into your bank account with a click of a button. However, if you receive winnings more than £ 2500, then The Lotter will make special arrangements for you to receive your money.


Variety of payment options

Simple to use

No commission charged on winnings

User friendly mobile App

Use of systematic forms


Requires a minimum sign up deposit

Fees are a bit pricey

No instant win games

Site only uses Euros


The Lotter is a highly reputable lottery site, that holds a great number of lotteries, syndications and bundles to keep you playing for hours, their website is user friendly and super versatile, which is perfect for mobile gaming.

10 thoughts on “The Lotter

  1. Reagen says:

    I give a lot of trust to The Lotter, they have been around for quite some time and I haven’t ever had an issue withdrawing my winnings from them

  2. Sam says:

    The lotter is not a scam but clearly uses dodgy methods not to pay large withdrawals. They seem to be very happy to pay out the small withdrawals but the big ones are always a problem.
    I also have a friend who played for over a year and a bit without winning and when he won, he was asked to withdraw almost 95% of his winnings and pay really high commission fees!

  3. Steven says:

    The Lotter agents call you and sold me a special to their subscription with a bunch package. I enjoyed playing and won every now and then but not as much as would have liked.
    However, since I needed to cut back on my expenses I wanted to cancel my account at the beginning of the year and when you want to close your account it’s pretty much impossible!!!
    They don’t have “self-exclusion” on their site and if you want to opt out for general reasons they so terribly shocking at replying and following through with the cancellation. I have continued to be debited for 5 months despite me contacting them and cancelling the account! I am FURIOUS!

  4. Sophie says:

    More transparency please!!! On your ads it shows the scanned ticket with a barcode, identifying the actual serial number but when I purchase a ticket none of these details appear! This serial number and barcode on the scan ticket gives us a legal value, why erase it in scan and send it?
    You otherwise shouldn’t advertise the ticket that you send us having these details!!

  5. Lois R says:

    Not bad and good site and syndication variety but found pricing quite expensive compared to other sites! Also only seemed to have Euro currency option which is mad!

  6. Jazmine Martin says:

    Tickets are super pricey on here and only lets you use Euros. Definitely not worth signing up on here. I tried the syndications for a few months and never won. Not worth the time!

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